Wall From Bamboo



Johari is a 49-year-old male living in the town of Melaya, Bali. He is married and has two school-aged children.

Johari owns and operates a business selling bamboo walls (made from the inner part of bamboo) and fences (made from the outer layer of bamboo) for housing to local community members. He has been engaged in this business for over thirteen years and earns approximately 500,000 IDR a month.

In 2008, Johari joined MUK to gain access to financial services to help improve his living situation and his ability to engage in business activities. He has successfully repaid a previous loan from MUK. This previous loan was used to purchase raw materials.

Johari is now requesting a new loan of 3,500,000 IDR which will again be used to purchase raw materials to make bamboo products. The loan will be his 2nd from MUK. He plans to use the additional revenue generated from the business to pay his children’s tuition fees and to save for their higher education. He hopes to expand his business, with his brother’s help.